Monday, 9 December 2013

Crazy Book-Buying Obsessions! (Tag)

Tag time! I found this awesome tag made by @ReadingWithJack on YouTube, and here is the link to the original video:! So anyway, here is the tag!

1) Do you have an obsession with buying books?
Ummm yeah. 

2) When, where and how often do you buy your books? Do you go with anyone else or just by yourself?
Okay so pretty much everytime I go to the mall, I end up at Indigo or Chapters or Coles or any other store that might sell books. Or if I am driving by a book store, I will probably beg my parents to stop there (they usually don't)! I buy books a lot. Like. A LOT. (Shame-free obsession xD) I usually browse book stores by myself, but sometimes I have friends with me. I don't really go book shopping with my parents; we have uh...have...different tastes. :P

3) What kind of things attract you to books when browsing them? Is there a specific genre of books you automatically go and look at?
Okay, I'm not gonna lie: book covers. I kid you not. I know, I know, I know. "Don't judge a book by it's cover." bUT. I think this quote has a better figurative meaning, than literal. Besides, why do books even have covers!! I just love pretty covers and I totally think that there is no problem in being attracted to a book at first because of the cover. But don't forget to actually read what it is about; and don't neglect the poor books w/o beautiful covers, they are probably amazing too! And I always am attracted to the YA/Fantasy sections...they are just magnificent genres. <3

4) Do you prefer to buy new, used or a mixture of both?
I honestly don't care. A book is a book! But I must admit, used books have this sense of mystery that I just love. :)

5) How much are you willing to spend on books each month?
I don't really have like a limit, but I definitely know that I can't go super overboard; books aren't cheap (sadly)! (ps. can we talk about how they are always more expensive in Canada? Seeing that cheaper U.S. price on the back makes me cringe!)

6) Have you ever gone on any 'book-buying bans'?
Not willingly!! I could never do it. But my parents have cut me off from buying books often. It's so excruciating! Ah!

7) How long does it take you to get around to reading to recently bought books?
This seriously spans from like the day that I buy the book to like literally 6 months after I buy the book. This is because my "moods" of what I want to read basically change like every week, so if I'm not in the mood for a book I bought, I just wait (it's not as fun to read a book you are not in the mood for!). :) I just remembered I still have to read John Green's Paper Towns that I bought like in June/

8) Do you prefer to buy a lot of shorter, cheaper books or just a few longer, more expensive ones?
Honestly it depends on what the book is. For me, it's not really the price that determines what books I buy. If I want to buy it, I'll buy it. :) And of course; quantity does not equal quality (although I do dream of having a home with books filling every's so gonna happen)..

9) Anything else to say about these awesome obsessions?
Honestly, I just love books, and buying books, and borrowing books, and lending books, and like. Books. I don't think that buying lots of books is a bad thing (as long as you don't spend all your money on them: bad idea!)! I mean...what's the worse that could happen? Crazy book lady? Pffft. I'm already a crazy book who cares !

10) Who are you tagging? 
I tag anyone and everyone reading this at all! Doo the tag! I dare you! :) Or just leave some of your answers down below; either is fine. :) What do you guys think? Buying books: yay or nay?????? 

Well that's it, I had lots of fun! Until next time, happy reading!

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