Friday, 13 December 2013

Beautiful Creatures Series Review!

Okay, if any of you guys follow my Goodreads, you would know that I recently finished the Beautiful Creatures series by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl! Here's just a quick review on the series. :)

So as a series, I actually really loved this series. I laughed, cried, rolled my eyes, and fell in love along the way with the characters. It wasn't a perfect series, and obviously not the best I have read, but I honestly just had an adventure reading this. I just love it. And there can never be too much magic!

Well... never mind .. :O

Anyway, the two things I particularly want to talk about is the characters, setting, and plot.

The characters. Wow. What can I say? I literally loved all of these characters; even the evil ones. Especially the evil ones. I just fell in love with them, because they were so relatable yet so intriguing and different! Of course Lena and Ethan, the main two, were both amazing. The events that happen in all four books really changes them, inside and out. And I just loved their developing relationship and understanding of each other, it was so real. :) The other two characters I adored were Link and Ridley. Ugh. These two. Okay so Ridley is pretty evil and crazy, but I don't know...something about her just really struck me! And Link Link Link. Gaaah Link. CAN I JUST HAVE LINK? CAN HE BE MY BEST FRIEND???! Like. Just he is the best. And most definitely the comic relief in the books; he's just so funny, casual, quirky, and careless. I just love that about him.

There are so so may other characters I just loved so much in these series. The authors did a wonderful job in developing them. Especially the evil ones...they were so tragic. I think that's why all evil people are evil....inside, they are just broken... :/

Okay and the setting: Gatlin. Small southern country....LOVE THIS. I love the idea that in such a boring, old, strict town...something insane happens. I love the idea of how "anything can happen, anywhere or to anyone." :)

And the PLOT. Okay it was great. There was the perfect balance between crazy/fast pace stuff and the slow, detailed important stuff! I loved the plot twists, and I love how every single detail from the very first book ended up being important all the way in like the last one! Love love love.

Okay, so I'll stop raving now! I used the word 'love' so much in this what more is there to say! I LOVED this series! Even though it's certainly not the best thing out there, I just enjoyed these books quite a bit.

Thanks for stopping by, see ya all later!

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