Thursday, 21 November 2013

Lord of Opium by Nancy Farmer Review...Finally!!!

Hello everyone, haven't posted in a while!

Anyway here it is (finally); a review on Lord of Opium!!

OK, so I do admit that I was definitely expecting more from this book. I really enjoyed House of the Scorpion and while the ending wasn't so great, I still expected Lord of Opium to make up for that. I sort of expected... I don't action? Of any sort? But let me tell you this: this book had just the weakest plot ever.

Let me just talk about this plot for a second. In most dystopian novels that I read (and end up loving), there is always a challenging goal for the protagonist; something that tests their limits, pushes the boundaries. Something that requires real belief  to achieve the main goal. But in this case? I just didn't feel it. Throughout the first half of the novel, I kept waiting for that problem to arise....but it never came. The only one problem Matt was focused on was such a lame and anti-climatic one, it did not live up to my expectations at all. Frankly, most of the book didn't even contribute to the plot and was just pretty insignificant and boring in my opinion.

Speaking of Matt....sigh. In House of the Scorpion, Matt was a very loveable, relatable, and unafraid character. his character development was just very...real, and I felt myself grow with him! But in Lord of Opium, I feel like Matt changed in all the wrong ways. I sort of saw the message Nancy Farmer was trying to say - that power in the hands of anybody can start to define you in ways you might not even notice - but I just don't feel like she did a very good job. Matt pretty much went from a relatable, awesome character to just downright annoying. There was one chapter where I literally had to put the book down for fear of hurling the book across the room out of annoyance (I probably shouldn't be hurling borrowed books anyway). Ahhhhhh.

Okay so that's a lot of critique, but let me say, it was not horrible. I mean, it's not like I was dying of boredom while reading it (that has definitely happened to me's the most excruciating experience ever, believe me), it was a fairly enjoyable read, but in the end it just didn't live up to my expectations!

P.S. Can we just take a moment to look at the names of some of the states in this book? Like...I'm pretty sure no matter how bad the circumstances, "Meth" would not become a legit name. Just... I really. Like. WHy????

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