Saturday, 9 November 2013

Confession Time !

Hello everyone! Here is my story...

So I was slowly, oh so slowly, gruelling through Splintered by A.G. Howard in what appeared to be a reading slump. And then, one day, it struck me...when was this book due? I checked the due date. Crap. It was due the next day and I literally was no where near close to being done it.

And so I did it.

I didn't finish the book. Yes. You read that right. I simply did not finish it. I admit it. I confess.  Okay so I know what you're thinking: I could have easily renewed the thing right? Simple solution. However, I just did not have a desire to continue the book. I was in a reading slump, the plot was overpowered by a lamee romance, and I just didn't like any of the characters. So I just kind of..well...returned it.

Anywhoo, this is something I have never done before, and don't intend to really actually do. I'm getting uneasy and anxious just thinking about not finishing that book! I just can't not finish a book!?? I have no idea why I did that. What if the ending wasn't as bad as I thought it would be??!! Anyway, I'll probably finish Splintered sometime soon, expect a quick blog post on it in the foreseeable future!

What are your thoughts? Is finishing a book absolutely a must? Leave your thoughts down below. :)

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