Monday, 30 September 2013

Bamfield and Literature! - The Sea Devil

The Sea Devil: This was a short story we read about a man who decides to go fishing late at night...

(Question 3, answer):
     Initially, I got a very mysterious and almost a "trickery" sort of tone from the piece; something that stayed there throughout the entirety. The protagonist also contributed to this tone. Even though we knew quite a lot about him... his name was never even mentioned.
     Some foreshadowing I noticed later on after going through the piece a second time, was in paragraph 19, where 'the man' thinks that his boat was the thing that scared off the fish. Reflecting on this, I believe the author might've meant that the Sea Devil was actually the thing that scared off the fish!
     I believe the theme conveyed in this short story was about the constant battle between nature and man. Maybe this is why the man's name was never mentioned, because the man could have been a representation of all of man kind. There were many references to man and nature, showing some contrast between the two topics in the story.  For example, in the 2nd last paragraph, "'s proud mastery over nature." This line sort of brought out the idea of man vs. nature to me... Also, when the the man and the Sea Devil were sort of pulling the two sides of the rope, each trying to be free from the other, I feel like the author was trying to convey a larger message, about this constant battle. The battle for balance between nature and man........
     It was actually super easy to put myself in this setting considering we read this short story while looking out at the inky dark blue sea in the evening! :)

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