Sunday, 12 May 2013

The Scorpion Project: Theme Individual Blog Post

Hello! Today, I get to talk about theme! The theme is probably my favourite part of books; it’s the one really helpful thing you can take with you from the book! As a group, we decided that among the many themes present in the book, the biggest and most relevant one was about breaking free of the things that hold you back. Let me expand on that.

Ever since Matt had begun to live in the big house with the Alacrans, he was treated with disgust and ignorance. Unfortunately, Matt had a lot of talent! He was excellent at academics and even had amazing musical talent (something that even El Patron didn’t have!). If Matt were not a clone, he would have been able to go so far (which he does eventually, but that’s different) and he would have succeeded so much. However, many things held Matt back. El Patron, the Alacrans, Matt being a clone; all of these things added up and held him back in their own ways.

Until El Patron died, things were always the same. However, once Matt got to Opium, everything changed. Yes, things were still bad…but, at that moment, when Matt rolled over the border into Opium, things changed. Matt was free of El Patron and his corrupt ways, everybody saw him as just a regular person. Matt broke free.

Matt of course, was not the only one in the book who was being help back from their futures by many things. Characters like Celia, Tam Lin, Felicia, and even Tom were all trapped. While many of these characters never really did break free, others did. Celia, who I was sure El Patron would have never let go of, had escaped out of El Patron’s grasp!

Then, there were the characters that never escaped and never would. Tam Lin. In the end, he is buried along with El Patron in his dragon hoard. “’Tam Lin did what he wanted to do,’ Celia said. ‘He was guilty of a terrible crime when he was young, and he could never forgive himself for it. He believed this last act would make up for everything.’” (Farmer 377) What Celia says here, pretty much sums up what we thought about Tam Lin ever since we found out about the bombing. He was so guilty for what he did, never really being able to forgive himself. If he had just forgiven himself for what he did, he would have been alive. He would have broken through that one thing that held him back just like Celia and Matt. Unfortunately, that never happened.

Well that’s all for theme! If you want to see more about theme, check out our group blog and some of my other posts in which I mention theme sometime! 

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