Monday, 29 April 2013

The Scorpion Project: Characterization Individual Blog Post!!

Finally! I've been bursting to talk about the characters and their roles in this book for too long. Too long, I tell you! Anyway, here are my thoughts on the characterization and characters in the book so far! P.S. We are currently on page 178. 


The protagonist in the book is obviously Matt, the clone. We know a lot about Matt, making him a very round character. We know things like how much knowledge he has, what his interests are, what his goal in life is (to be accepted and treated as an equal)...all those things.
Matt, being the protagonist is a very dynamic character. He has grown and matured so much since the beginning of the book. Close to the beginning, El Patron was influencing Matt's choices and behavior so much...and not in a good way. An example is in the chapter, "The Giving and Taking of Gifts." In that chapter, Matt is being so terrible to Maria and when he realizes that making her kiss him in front of everyone is a terrible idea, he still lets it happen. Why? Because El Patron seems to be enjoying what Matt is making Maria do. "That's the stuff," El Patron said gleefully. "Make your women toe the line." (Farmer 108) However later on, in the "Old Age" section, Matt seems to be thinking more for himself. He knows that his mistakes will cost him way more than if somebody else made that mistake, as he is a clone. He is also looking towards his future in a realistic and optimistic way. It’s no longer just, "if I become smart, people will like me." Matt is definitely a growing, maturing, and dynamic character. He is, after all, the protagonist. 

Characterization in general: One thing I am loving about Farmer's writing is that she feeds you information about characters in very indirect ways - she doesn't just "tell" you them. For example, when we learned about Tam Lin's past, it didn't even come from Tam Lin! It's not like he went, "Oh yeah, by the way Matt, I'm a terrorist. In hiding, and saved by El Patron...sort of." We learned this piece of information (along with Matt) by accident! The farm patrol guys from the chapter "The Eejit Pens" told us their history, from which we learned about Tam Lin… Awesome! 

Speaking of Tam Lin, I think that he is such an important character in the book and to Matt. His support for Matt as a fatherly figure has really affected Matt as a person and how he has changed. Characters like Celia and Maria have a big role in Matt’s development as well! As for Tam Lin, I’m very interested to see how Nancy Farmer approaches his situation! 

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