Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Harry Potter Rant About... Draco Malfoy!

OK, this is sort of a rant or reflection on how Malfoy (Draco Malfoy) ended up at the end of Harry Potter. Now I know that he is not the most great and noble character...quite the opposite probably, BUT in my opinion he never got justified! Let me explain...

Malfoy had always been this sort of self-abosrbed bully, who was so conversed in his beliefs about purebloods, halfbloods, muggleborns, etc. etc......until 6th year! I really think that the things he believed in and the things he did are not acceptable, but can you imagine being a child and having ideas and beliefs that you don't even know about hammered into your head? I mean, we all are shaped by our surroundings, and he was surrounded by all these purebloods who think their so superior to everyone and blah.

SO, when Draco starts to get a mind of his own (probably when he realizes what a physco Voldemort is...telling a 16 year old to do something like that...jeez), I think Rowling put so much attention and effort on him. Like, one of the main things in Half-Blood Prince is Malfoy and the whole Dumbledore incident. So my question is...after all that character development and some "almost there" dynamics in his character...why does he still act like a right git during the final battle (in the Room of Requirement) and why did Rowling marry him off to some pureblood (not that blood matters but still, that's not the point)????

GAHHHHH it just frustrates me so much! I really think that such a good moral/message would have come from this specific development, if it had been given the right ending. It just seems that while Rowling was planning something for Draco in #6, she just seems to have not given it much thought in #7 or she just didn't take the same path as she had planned during #6..which sucks.

Now I know most of you probably won't agree, saying that he doesn't deserve anything or J.K. Rowling's decisions were the best, etc... but again, I feel that they way he acted in his first 5 years was pretty much because those ideas were hammered into him, and once he realized that all those beliefs and views were just stupid, it was too late to turn back, but that's the thing...Rowling could have made it happen! She could have woven in a way to help his character re-trace his steps, go back, and take some right ones! I mean come on! I don't like the way he just wasn't justified in the end.

Ok, I'm done my rant. While I do think Malfoy got a good ending, considering what he's done throughout the years, I still don't think he was justified.  It's. not. his. fault....however at the same time it is. Anyway, now I'm just starting to talk bollocks and I've just been repeating the same thing, so yeah I'll stop. :)

Tell me what you think about Malfoy...justified ending, or not??? Does he even deserve a justified ending? Tell me!


  1. I've always found Draco to be a very intriguing character. He's actually one of my favourites in the sixth and seventh books because there was a lot of development and backstory to his character. But I agree, I wanted more! I liked his ending though. I do feel like he took a step back in the Room of Requirement, but overall I wanted more development on him in Deathly Hallows. Great "rant" Kalindee! :D

    1. Haha thanks! and yes, I totally agree. :)

  2. I defiantly agree with you on the fact that it would have been interesting to see Malfoy break his personal boundaries, however Malfoy has always been a bit of a coward and even at the end of the books this was still one of his traits, so he may have married a pure-blood to make his parents happy or carry out the family's "noble" blood line.

    1. Yeah that's the thing. You'd think he'd at least be able to stand up to his yeah you're definitely right, and I think this was one of the things I wish Rowling would have done differently. Ah well :)