Thursday, 11 October 2012

Want lots of book suggestions according to YOUR taste?

I know I give the occasional book suggestion for those of you looking for something to read..but sometimes, it feels like theres never anything that interests YOU. I know that happens to me A LOT. So here are 2 tips that are bound to work!

- Tip 1: Go to google and type in "books like ______" and fill in the blank with a book that you enjoyed or loved!
- Tip 2: Tip 1 didn't work? That's ok because, we have! Go and sign up for their website, rate some books that you loved/liked and goodreads will find a hole bunch of other books that are similar to the books you rated! I found about 13 or so books that I really can't wait to read now off of there!

So go ahead and give the tips a try!

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