Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Hunger Games Series Reflection & Goodreads Discussion: When in the Books did Katniss Realize her Love for Peeta?

I saw this disscussion on Goodreads and HAD to contribute my opinion on the question..."When in the Books did Katniss Realize her Love for Peeta?" This also includes my reflection on the series as a whole...what's reading without reflection? ALSO, sorry if you don't agree with my reflection/opinion. Everyone has different views and opinions right? Comment what YOU you agree or disagree? :D

**** WARNING: This contains HUGE spoilers... so DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT read this if you haven't read ALL 3 of the Hunger Games books!!!!! ****

In my opinion, Katniss never really did realize her love for Peeta. Does that make sense? This was sort of disappointing. Not the fact that she didn't truly realize her love for Peeta (which was sad indeed), but more because she didn't make up her mind -- not really to me anyway -- about who she really wanted to be with and who she loved. She did admit at the end that she needed Peeta and not Gale...but does that really mean she really realized that her needing him was her loving him? In my opinion, no. It feels as if, even though we were inside Katniss' head, we still didn't even know her thoughts very well. Mockingjay was just a bit of a blur for me.

Katniss, the strong and determined character who we got to know in book one, sort of just started to fade away somewhere in Catching Fire, and definitely was gone in Mockingjay. I guess it was realistic of Katniss to start to become a bit emotionally unstable after all she had been through, but I was sort of expecting Katniss to stay the way she was in the beginning until the very end. Instead of admiring her throughout the entire series -- I hate to say it but -- I started to hate/dislike her more and more as I progressed into the series...she had just become a whiny, lonely, child to me.

This series had a lot more potential than it delivered (at least to me). In the first book, I thought of Katniss as sort of a hero who would make a difference (the ending of book one [the berries, rebel, etc]) in the world that she lived in. I thought her determination to show the Capitol that they didn't own the rest of them would keep going. And I admit, it did. Katniss stayed determined the entire series, but that spark was gone. Where did the girl on fire go? A part of determination comes from your own values...and for Katniss, I saw that in Prim. Why did Katniss volunteer in the first place? Prim. It feels as though Prim was completely pushed into the shadows after the first book or so, and THAT was the biggest disappointment.

All in all though, I really did enjoy the series and it is one of my favourite book series. I just think the end could've been a bit better written. :)

Well, there is my reflection on the series. If you read my book review on The Hunger Games (which you can find here if you haven't) you would know that I really enjoyed the book and I'm a huge fan of the series. But also, I was a bit dissapointed with the ending. So many questions left unanswered!


  1. This is fantastic! Well written and engaging. I totally agree with you. And while I loved the end because Katniss still got the job done, she was different...
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks again :) And yes, almost everyone who has read the books thinks that (she changes) too.

  2. I actually completely agree with this. I think you did a really great job of summing it all up in a few paragraphs. I really liked reading this., so thanks for posting this!!! :D