Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Don Aker and One on One

I picked up this book because I remember having the author, Don Aker, come into our school and talk to us about his writing, books, and his inspiration. The thought of reading a book from an author who I had met was so cool (plus I love basketball)! He had told us one thing that really surprised me, and that was that you don't need imagination to write...what? He told us about how he got ideas or quirks for his characters and stories by little things he saw around him. For example, one time when he went to watch a movie, he saw a lady eating french fries in a totally weird way! Even though he missed half of his movie, he still had a quirk for a character he could use in his future writing! You just have to pay attention to little details in the world around you...and the ideas will start flowing into your brain! Anyway, as for the book, I thought it was great, and basically all of the characters had something about them that made them so realistic. Though there were some stock characters, they still felt real, and not completely stock...you get that? ANYWAY, this book is definitely a quick must read book! Stay tuned for the free reading challenge and more book reviews!

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